Sunday, 24 February 2013

A funny little story

People quite often ask me, do you have any funny stories about running a B&B, and one that always springs to mind is....

One morning at the old Acorns of Lyndhurst  I was doing breakfast by myself and Izzy was still young enough to need a stair gate across our kitchen door to stop her getting through to the guests or up the stairs.  We only had one very nice couple in, so everything was relaxed and going well.  Izzy was playing nicely in the TV room and I had plated the 2 full english's up, then with a plate in each hand I headed to the stair gate. This particular gate was one where the middle part opens by lifting it up and out in one motion and when doing breakfast I always kept it unlocked but in the closed position so that I could pass through without too much trouble but it still deterred Izzy.  As I had done this route many times I had mastered a way to stand on one leg then using my other knee to squeeze in between the bars, lift the gate and open it all whilst holding a plate full of food in each hand - great when it works!

So going back to the plate in each hand, this particular morning I walked confidently up to the gate and just as I shifted my weight onto the one leg and started to lift the other I suddenly slipped.  
Time suddenly seemed to move in slow motion then (just like in the movies) and now with both legs in mid air I threw the 2 plates up in the air.  Eventually I obviously landed with a bump on the floor and had food falling all around me but my instant reaction was to catch the plates.  Sitting on the kitchen floor for a minute or two I was feeling a bit shaken and more than a bit stupid, but even more thankful that no one had actually seen any of it.  Realising that I was going to have to go in to the guests to appologise and explain what had happened, I got up, brushed the food off me, wiped my self down and composed myself the best I could.  They were so nice and understanding about it and  actually concerned about wether I had hurt myself, laughing with them I explained that I was fine, just feeling a bit foolish.  With that I went and cooked 2 more breakfasts, carefully walked them through (taking no chances this time) and successfully served them.  At that point the lady said quietly "Mel I just have to tell you that you've got some egg & baked beans in your hair"  Well, I went bright red - but we did have a really good laugh, and it still makes me chuckle now :)


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